Auto Accident Injuries

Pain Caused by Auto Accidents

It is quite common to not have any pain or signs of injury from an auto accident for a long period of time. Sometimes it can take weeks before symptoms like neck pain and headaches to begin. The reason for this is your body releases adrenaline and other hormones that act as natural pain-relievers. Once these wear off is when people typically realize they are injured. The most common symptoms you will begin to experience after an auto accident are pain in the back, neck or head, pain with inhaling deeply or trouble breathing, as well as numbness and tingling.

How to Treat Auto Accident Pain

As a result of the force and unnatural movement your spine experiences during an accident your spinal discs and vertebrae may move. This can cause muscle spasms, headaches, sciatica, numbness, tingling, as well as pain. When you have a disc out of place pushing on your spinal cord and nerves there are only 2 known ways to relieve that pressure. The first option being invasive spinal surgery and the second is our safe and effective Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident it is imperative that they be seen as soon as possible. Untreated disc and spinal issues will only worsen with time; give us a call today to schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

Work Related Injuries

Pain Caused by Workplace Injuries

Many jobs put a lot of strain and demands on your body, mostly your shoulder, neck and back. There are many factors that contribute to workplace injury some of those include:

Posture - No matter what the job or the environment you work in, poor posture can cause many issues with your neck and back. The increase in pressure on your spine caused by poor posture can result in disc herniations and vertebral misalignment.

Lifting - The amount of extra force on your spine when lifting and moving heavy objects, even when lifted correctly keeping the back straight and bending the knees, is enough to cause serious damage to your spine when done frequently over time.

Stress - Stress is known to do many negative things to the human body, and your back can be affected as well. When you get stressed it is common for your muscles to tense up causing pain or increasing the pain associated with previous back injuries.

How to Treat Work Related Injuries

Many work related injuries of the neck and back are due to a disc issue. If you or someone you know has injured their neck or back at work give us a call today to see if you are a candidate for our Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

General Injuries

Fractures and Dislocations

Any bone in your body can be fractured and they can fracture for many reasons. The most common cause of a fracture is due to trauma in the form of an accident. However, more serious conditions can also cause them such as cancer or osteoporosis. When the fracture is not due to trauma it is called a pathological fracture, meaning the fracture is due to some underlying disease or condition.

Dislocations can happen in any joint in your body. The point where the two bones meet, called the joint, separates and misaligns due to some sort of trauma or over extension of the joint. Areas of your spine can also become dislocated. When this occurs, your spinal cord and nerves are unprotected and can become damaged causing many serious complications.

Compression Fracture

A compression fracture can occur in any vertebra in the spine, and can be caused by many different things such as: Car accidents, falls, and some conditions like osteoporosis or cancer that overtime weaken the vertebrae. Compression fractures can cause several symptoms, the first being severe and sudden onset of pain in the back. Other symptoms you may experience are numbness, tingling, and weakness in your limbs. This occurs when the compressed vertebra puts pressure onto the spinal cord and nerves. Lastly, if multiple vertebrae are fractured a person may develop kyphosis, a forward hump-back curve in the back.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are two of the most common injuries in the back. Some of the causes of sprains and strains are trauma; poor body mechanics meaning we don’t move correctly so abnormal stress is placed on the spine, and lack of conditioning or strength of the back.

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