Dr. Alan Barthen, D.C. of Cary Illinois Offers A Safe and Effective Treatment for Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Dr. Alan R. Barthen, DC and his team care deeply about their patients and have a genuine concern for the personal health and quality of life for everyone who steps into the office. We are committed to continue relieving the chronic pain our patients experiencing by using cutting edge technology and high quality health care. Some of our services include Herniated Discs, Back Pain, Knee PainSpinal Decompression Therapy, & more!

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  • Donna Barker ANP-C

    Nurse Practitioner

  • Dr. Dean Shoucair

    Medical Director

  • Dr. Alan R. Barthen

    Dr. Barthen has been in practice over 38 years and not only has thousands of hours diagnosing and treating patients with spinal disorders, but has spent endless hours learning and improving his skills. He keeps current and up to date with advancements in Decompression Therapy as well as the application of different treatments and therapies to patients.

    In November of 2016, Dr. Barthen passed the exam for National Certification for Non-surgical Spinal Decompression with The International Medical Advisory Board. This is one of the first decompression programs of its kind to be offered in America, making Dr. Barthen one of the first nationally certified specialists in spinal decompression. This therapy has been shown to be highly effective for the treatment of the vast majority of spinal disc related disorders.

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