Herniated Discs

Herniated Discs In Cary, IL

While some people may have a herniated disc but never experience symptoms, some people may notice back pain accompanied by numbness or weakness in the extremities. If you’ve been noticing recurring back pain and that “pins and needles” sensation in your legs, feet, or arms, then you could be dealing with a herniated disc. Instead of merely dulling the pain with painkillers, our Cary, IL, chiropractor Dr. Alan Barthen provides a more effective solution to manage your herniated disc and improve your spinal health and function.

Why Chiropractic Care?

We know that most patients that come into our office do so because they don’t want to go through invasive and aggressive procedures or even surgery to get the relief they need from a herniated disc. They also don’t want to rely on painkillers, which may dull the pain but certainly won’t address the underlying cause.

Dr. Barthen and the team at Cary Disc Center are focused on alleviating your pain and also improving how your body moves and functions as a whole through a variety of non-surgical and non-invasive chiropractic care. Each treatment plan that we map out is customized to each patient, taking into account the location of the herniated disc, the type of symptoms, the patient’s overall health, and their activity level. Chiropractic care offers our patients a safe but effective way to alleviate symptoms associated with a herniated disc.

What We Offer at Cary Disc Center

Most chiropractic care plans that we create will include spinal manipulation, also referred to as a chiropractic adjustment, in which Dr. Barthen will use the appropriate amount of force to areas around the spine to take the pressure off the discs and to prevent nerve entrapment and compressions. Spinal manipulation can also boost blood flow and speed up the body’s natural healing processes. Regular spinal manipulation sessions can provide ample relief from back pain and improve mobility and quality of life.

Along with spinal manipulation, Dr. Barthen also offers spinal decompression to elongate and stretch the spine to provide pain relief from herniated and bulging discs. Dr. Barthen is one of the first national certified chiropractors in the US for spinal decompression. Low-level laser therapy has also been proven to alleviate both neck and back pain caused by a cervical herniated disc.

If you are dealing with a herniated disc, know that there is hope when it comes to getting the care and pain management you need. Dr. Barthen and his team here at Cary Physical Medicine can provide you with an effective treatment plan to get herniated disc pain under control. Call our Cary, IL office today at (847) 639-0010 to learn more.

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