Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities


Is your child experiencing difficulties in speech and the ability to read? Or have they recently been diagnosed with one or multiple types of learning disabilities? An integrative approach to learning disability management with us may be just what your child needs for overall wellness. Here's what to know about the different forms of integrative medicine for learning disabilities.

What are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are several disorders that affect your ability to learn and understand information. Learning disabilities can affect your:

  • speech
  • ability to read
  • ability to understand conversations
  • writing
  • coordination
  • math capabilities
  • focus

Some patients may experience more than one learning disability. Genetics and the environment both play a role in the development of learning disabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Integrative Treatments for Learning Disabilities?

There are multiple benefits to undergoing an integrative approach in the management of learning disabilities. In addition to being a non-drug form of therapy, integrative treatments focus on the patient as a whole, and treatment differs from one patient to the next. A popular integrative approach is music therapy, which helps develop a patient's gross and fine motor skills, as well as speech and communication skills. When practiced in a group setting, music therapy can help patients interact with others, improving quality of life by building esteem.

Other common forms of treatment include:

  • animal-assisted therapy
  • art therapy
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • CBT

Studies have shown that integrative approaches offer patients a sense of confidence and autonomy, as well as enhance their mood and improve their overall levels of wellness.

What to Expect During an Integrative Learning Disability Treatment Session

If you've never had an integrative learning disability treatment session, you might be wondering what to expect during your first appointment. A licensed clinician or speech-language pathologist at Cary Disc Center will begin by asking you a series of questions regarding your current health, including your emotional and mental well-being. From there, a diagnostic evaluation will be conducted to assess the patient's intellectual, memory, and motor skills. Based on the results and symptoms, one or several forms of therapy may be recommended.

Effective learning disability treatments require an accurate evaluation and prompt care using safe, non-narcotic integrative techniques.

For more information about integrative therapies for learning disabilities, contact Cary Disc Center at (847) 639-0010.

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